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"Do you want to join my closed Facebook

Tantra Community group?"

I made a CLOSED Facebook group by the name of "Tantra Community Opening Up". In this group I would like to invite you to go on a journey with me. A tantric journey where  I will share my personal tantric experience, personal growth, sexuality, relationship(s), sexual energy, love etc. and give space to those who feel drawn to do the same. Talk about what men and women have on their mind from time to time. What is it that they like to do or maybe hate about themselves / others? Talk about relationship(s), sex, the male and female body, blockages in the body (how do they arise and how to get rid of them), de-armouring massage technics (what is that?) etc. I even dare to talk about why we fear rejection from others and why we humans basically die if we don't let our sexual energy flow. Basically everything people like to know but don't dare to talk about in public. Discuss the un-discussable! 

But then in a safe and warm environment and together so that we all can learn and create new ways of joy in our personal life. 

I wil talk from my own personal experience. What helpt me to become the person who I am today. Can I stop living in fear and take responsibility and actions to love my body, my children, my partner, my sexuality, my LIFE and have a lot of FUN and Playfulness along the way.

Does this sound like something you wish to be part of?

Then click on this link below and join our Tantra Community Opening Up group.

The only thing I'm asking upfront from you is to answer 3 small questions. I do this to get more clear information about where you are in your personal path of growth and on what topic(s) you would like to get more information of. Then I know what to write about.


Feel welcome and let's make this world step by step a better place. Starting here.








Warm hug Bernadette


PS: Since there are a lot of Dutch people in this group it could happen that a lot of content is in Dutch. If you like to read it in English then please contact me and then I can see if I can translate the info. ;) Thanks.

Tantra community Opening Up
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